Palm Beach Mediation

When parties choose mediation, they meet with a neutral party who helps them work through their issues. You can solve many issues with mediation, including child support issues, decisions about how your child is going to be raised, and divorce matters.

Criminal Defense

You have constitutional rights when you live in the United States and that includes the right to obtain professional legal counsel from the moment in which you're charged with a criminal law offense. Attorney Valerie Masters is ready to help you in all matters of criminal defense and ensure that your legal rights are upheld. She's been representing individuals accused of misdemeanors or felonies for the past 20 years.


Family Law

There's never a good time to end a marriage or partnership, but when it becomes necessary you need a trusted attorney who can help you through the legal process professionally but with the personal compassion that makes you feel confident that you can get through the process and begin a new chapter of your life.